Sunday, June 1, 2014

Boston Seafood Shack

Housed in Star Vista, Boston Seafood Shack is a casual seafood concept. Compared to big shots like Fish & co and Manhattan fish market, they are rather poised and super value for money...

For a starter, we ordered the soft shell crab. I love soft shell crab and this was one of the highlights of the appetiser department! Paired with lobster bisque (one of my favourite soups), it complimented well with the crispy and fragrant crab :> I ordered the Boston Lobstah roll which tasted as good as it looks and sounds haha.. chockfull of lobster chunks paired with yummy fries. We also ordered the cod fish because.. it is incomplete to leave a seafood shack without ordering their fish & chips! It was pretty normal but super yummy when ate with the vinegar provided! 

Despite the bad reviews online (especially Hungry go where), I still think that this shack is a gem!! Star Vista itself is a wonder.. I'm definitely going back to this mall! We even explored Rochester (the Starbucks is a beauty..) :>

(picture taken with iPhone 5S) two story Starbucks! Spent 45 minutes there relaxing because assignment submission is overrr {and Bernard has another one week break, bus rides to school aren't fun anymore} 

and yes for those who are asking.. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY MY HAIR IS BACK TO BROWN?!? My hair colour changes every time I wash my hair.. It's that scary. 

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