Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tasmin's birthday @ Five & Dime

Met up with the girls to celebrate Tasmin's 19th birthday at Five & Dime! I love this eatery - the design, the ambience, the food and even the toilet <HEH>

Starters: Mac and cheese and ABC beef soup / Mains: Mentaiko Pasta, Cajun chicken & Rack of lamb

Literally everything on this menu to is to die for, the Mentaiko Pasta and Mac and cheese is beyond amazing! Super unique and yummy! Love it!  

we lurv u Tassy 

Happy b'day Tasmin, though we've grown apart over the year, you're still one of my fav friend I made in City College. I will always miss eating noodles and sharing seafood soup with you all day, err day without fail. Thinking of you and the good times we spent make me smile! All the best in Lasalle babe, be blessed x 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Out Of the Pan

lol nobody can resist 1-for-1 crepes at Out Of the Pan (hehe POSB debit card treats) so here's a short post of dinner with Kyle, Aric, Carissa and Bernard! oh yes, odd number but guess who's the total pig who ate two plates of crepes all by himself....? KYLE TEO!

The pecking duck crepe and seafood crepe is super good! 

ultra retarded fav boys in the worlddddd #fouryearsandcounting

x love him to bits x

#OOTD: love this super cute oversized top from OOPS KOOKY 

(super angst now, Manchester United losing to their noisy neighbours in the derby...) good week ahead all x 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Carpenter and Cook

Ambz recently moved to Upper Bukit Timah so I've been bugging her for the longest time to bring me to Carpenter and Cook. It's located at Lorong Kilat and travelling thr can be a pain in the ass but thank God for cabber king Eugene for sending me there since he also lives around the area <yayers>

I was super excited to visit this quaint little cafe after hearing so much abt it. They describe themselves as a "vintage home store and artisan bakery cafĂ©". Besides fresh home-baked goods and confectionary, they also have a range of carefully curated vintage furniture and home decor. 

The food is certainly enticing! We ordered the Passionfruit Meringue Tart, Croissant and Lemon Drizzle cake! They were all pretty decent and you could tell that they were all freshly made. I absolutely loved the tea (but I forgot the name of it lol), the dainty little tea cup sure was a pleasure to sip my hot tea from ~ 

Great place for tea and literally indulgence at it's best, do make sure to check it out x 

Carpenter and Cook
19 Lorong Kilat 

got our nails done with the same colour unknowingly #truefriendship #bestfattiesforever 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Chanel cake #thebigfourzero

My mother turned #thebigfourzero last week and I wanted to do smth special for her. My first thoughts along with my aunts were to order an Hermes cake for her

but it was too rushed and nobody could do it within a week so I called up my dad's friend, Dawn. She's is a baking teacher and I met her in the Phillipines at a wedding and she is super nice! She heard me sing at the wedding and she complimented me and always made sure I wasn't hungry, haha. And so I called her up and asked if she could bake my mum a Hermes cake but she said it'll take eight hours and she could not commit so I was rather disappointed at first but she came up with the suggestion that I go over to her place and bake a cake for my mum myself. 

urm... I have baked cakes before but to bake smth unique and that has got to do with handling fondant and designs, hmm not my forte at all. I was like "I don't think I'll be able to do a good job..." but she said she'll guide me through the entire process and that I do not have to worry. So yeah I went down to her place on Friday for a crazy #bakefest!

Dawn was saying that Hermes is a really hard cake to bake and the easiest branded bag to bake was Chanel so I agreed because.. I mean.. who doesn't like Chanel? although I know my mum world prefer a Hermes but whatever that works lar seriously *.* so I came to a conclusion that I'll bake a small cake with ten cupcakes surrounding it.

The cake had four layers and the icing of the cake wasn't difficult. I think it looks great even before icing haha!

She taught me how to pipe these gorgeous cupcakes with a special piping tip! 

ok this was the crazy part, making a Chanel bag with fondant. I think I spent 45 mins making this "bag" and it gave me a crazy headache - especially the Chanel logo. I was super particular abt it because I didn't want my mother to say that I gave her a fake Chanel LOL and Dawn brought out her bag for reference!! Does it look similar? haha!

I chose two types of designs for my ten cupcakes. Five piped with butter cream, topped off with metal balls and another five with ribbons made out of fondant. I had the hardest time handling fondant seriously *cries* so I spent roughly six hours in the kitchen and even missed tuition just to complete the entire cake. I'm so sorry I couldn't take pictures of the entire process but yeah these are just a few...

This is the end product. I'm so glad I made this cake for my mum because she absolutely loved it. My whole family did and fondant cakes usually taste like crap but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. A great shout out to Dawn for her guidance if she sees this, I am eternally grateful!